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Denver Immigration Advocates

We are an immigration law firm. We help people live and work in the US. We are experts in solving difficult immigration problems. We use creative strategies to help people find solutions to their immigration issues. Through our in-person consultations, we find the best available options and provide you the advice you need to make informed decisions. It starts with a phone call. So stop waiting and call our office today

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Naturalization & Citizenship

Naturalization is the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. Foreign nationals who meet certain requirements are eligible to apply for naturalization to become citizens of the United States. However, obtaining U.S. citizenship can be stressful, time-consuming, and complex. Our attorneys are responsible and caring, and we can assist you in obtaining your citizenship through the complexity of the immigration laws every step of the way. For more information about obtaining US citizenship, you may visit this link. To schedule a consultation with an experienced United States citizenship attorney in Denver, Colorado, contact Denver Immigration Advocates.

Family-Based Immigration

One of the most common methods of obtaining a green card is through a familial relationship. The two sets of eligible relationships are relatives of US green card holders and relatives of US citizens. Our firm’s philosophy is to dedicate our legal knowledge of the laws to help those family members of US citizens or green card holders to obtain lawful status here in the US. Further, many immigrants find themselves separated from their family and want to find a way to be reunited through family immigration laws, but deportation and previous violations of immigration laws often cause great difficulties in making this dream come true. At Denver Immigration Advocates, we fully understand the problems facing our clients and their family as many of them navigate the immigration system. Our attorneys are personal and caring and will assist our clients in handling various aspects of their family immigration cases. Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your options.

Employment-Based Visas

The Immigration and Nationality Act provides a yearly minimum of 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas that are divided into five preference categories. Foreign nationals wanting to work in the US have several options for legal immigration, both temporary and permanent. Our attorneys understand how to navigate the requirements of employment-based immigration issues and work with both employers and employees to identify the right immigration course of action. We can help our clients to obtain a green card through employment, obtain temporary work in specialty occupations, or work on an exchange-based program. For more information about employment-based visas, please visit this page.

Green Cards & Other Visas

Green Card holders (lawful permanent residents) have been granted permission to permanently live and work in the United States. Nonimmigrant’s may apply to come to the U.S. on a temporary basis on either a B-1 Visa for business (attending business meetings, consulting, etc…) or on a B-2 Visa for pleasure (visiting family, tourism, etc…). Attorneys at Denver Immigration Advocates can analyze your background and help you prepare the required evidence documenting your ties to your home country, status of your residency in that country, your intent as it pertains to your visa, and/or other evidence as it pertains to the strengths and weaknesses of your specific case. In many cases our attorneys can even help you draft the paperwork for the visa or Green Card that pertains to your particular situation. Denver Immigration Advocates is there to assist you in filing for extensions of stay for persons already in the US as well. More information about Green Cards and other types of visas is available here.


Denver Immigration Advocates will help those who find themselves placed in removal proceedings find out what relief is available and what can be done to prevent deportation. The federal court system is so complex that many people who have worked hard, built families and lives, and deserve to stay in the US, end up being deported simply because they don’t know the rules of the system. Our attorneys are dedicated to finding the best possible defenses and solutions  available to you to help you lawfully stay with your family here United States.  We will work towards obtaining cancellation of removal, suspensions of deportation, waiver of deportation, or other forms of relief. If you are facing deportation, you could be missing important deadlines as you read this. You only have 30 days to appeal your case to the Board of Immigration Appeals from a final decision of the immigration court. If it has been over 30 days, it may be possible to have your case reopened. Contact the Denver Immigration Advocates today for your initial consultation.